R1240 Contemporary Apartment with Photo Studio

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About this location

This recently renovated warehouse apartment is the perfect for filming / shooting. With its eclectic furniture, adaptable layout, and abundance of natural light, it can be transformed into any setting within the available 120sq/m of space. All of the furniture has wheels, so it can be easily moved around to create the perfect look for your shoot. We host a range of local artists work on occasional rotation, which may be used with permission to create an atmospheric and colourful set. The warehouse loft also has a large bank of south-facing windows that let in plenty of natural light. The windows can also be covered with custom made blackout fabric to create a more intimate setting. The space features a unique and experiential lighting system that can be customised to create any desired mood or atmosphere. Access is made possible to the first floor apartment via two stairs and an industrial sized lift.

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