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R893 – Surrey Architectural Redevelopment

C639 – Hilton Hotel Canary Wharf

R800 – American Style Mansion

C612 – Office with City views

C611 – Greenwich studio and event facility

O172 – Modern Dressed City Office

C608 – Versatile Venue with Roof Terrace

R773 – Country Estate Cambridge

C600 – Dockyard Industrial

R760 – Thatched Cottage

R758 – Urban Apartment

R755 – A Luxury Apartment

C582 – Racecourse with multiple facilities

R739 – Film Friendly Flat Owner

C581 – Studio in Hackney Wick

O159 – Rooftop and Office

O158 – Clerkenwell Rooftop Event Space

R732 – 18th Century Converted Barn

R727 – City View Family Home

C579 – Victorian Manor House

O151 – Contemporary Clerkenwell Offices

C569 – Alternative Warehouse Studio

R716 – Canary Wharf Penthouse

R715 – 8 Bedroom Georgian House

C560 – Shoreditch Style Loft

O149 – Dressed Camden Office

O146 – Art Deco Head Office

C550 – Shopping Centre With Rooptop Views

R696 – Semi Detached Home

R692 – 3 Bedroom Semi Detached Home

O142 – Meeting Rooms and Lounge areas in the Shard

O144 – Vacant Office Space

R677 – Apartment In Hackney

R674 – 4 Bedroom Semi Detached House

O140 – First Floor Vacant Office

C703 – Elegant Victorian School

C534 – Central Shoreditch Studio

R662 – Large Residence overlooking Regents Park

R660 – Grade ll Listed House

R654 – 7 Bedroom Detached Home

R651 – Young Family Flat In The South East

R649 – Family Cottage With A Barn

R647 – Georgian Style Country House

R646 – Edwardian Semi – Detached Home

R645 – Detached Modern Home

R642 – Stunning Surrey Mansion

R639 – Semi Detached Victorian Home

P60 – A Beautiful Decorated Church

R635 – Modern Family Home

C638 – Historic Control Tower

R636 – 2 Bedroom Apartment

R637 – South London Rustic Manor House

R633 – Open Plan Family Home

R632 – Penthouse apartments with river views

C511 – Events Space In London

R629 – A Beautiful Decorated Edwardian House

R631 – Large Industrial loft

R630 – A Private Farm In Sussex

O136 – Dressed Office Space Vauxhall

O134 – West London Modern Dressed Office

O135 – Dressed Office Space in Kings Cross

R178 – Film Friendly Farm in Dunstable

R625 – Modern Bespoke Canal Boat

R623 – 5 Bedroom Terrace Home

R622 – 19th Century Victorian Terraced House

R600 – 5 Bedroom Vacant House

R620 – 6 Bedroom Modern Home

R621 – Newly Renovated Family Home

R618 – 5 BedroomVictorian Townhouse

R617 – Forest Cabin In East Sussex

R616 – Modern 4 Bedroom Family Home

R614 – 5 Bedroom Victorian House

R613 – Open Plan Semi Detached House

R612 – West End Penthouse

R609 – 3 Bedroom Victorian Terrace House

R607 – Council Flat In Central London

R608 – Three Storey Terraced House

C498 – Victorian Shop Front Store

R605 – Ex Council House

R603 – Large Period Home

C495 – Art Gallery In Central London

C496 – Pop Up Shop In West Londom

R599 – East End Victorian House

R597 Newly Renovated Eclectic Family Home

R595 – Stylish Home in North London

R591 – Newly Refurbished Wimbledon Home

R596 – 16th Century Period Barn

R594 – A Modern Home in East Molesey

C490 – A Famous Academy in Victoria

R590 – Modern spacious home for Filming

R589 – 6 Bedroom Semi Detached Property Blackheath

R587 – Modern refurbished flat

R588 – Sherlocks Hidden Home Lower Flat

R586 – New York Style Penthouse

R583 – Grand Designs Style Home

R580 – Essex Mansion House with views

C486 – Peckham Car Park

R573 – East London Flat with terrace

C158 – Multi purpose site in Oxford