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C794 – Monument Rooftop with views

C792 – Event space with the best city views

C788 – Dalston Event Venue with Rooftop Bar

C785 – Wood Green Shopping Centre

R264 – Vacant Manor House

R1018 – Millhill chapel

C771 – Manor House & Hotel


R1015 – Contemporary Mansion House

C766 – Grand Educational Facility

C765 – Labyrinthian Cocktail Bar and Karaoke Rooms

C764 – Large Islington Bar and Karaoke Space

C763 – Holborn Eclectic Bar and Karaoke Space

O186 – Warehouse Style Office

C756 – Enfield Petrol Station And Convenience Store

C755 – Unique Event Space in Railway Arches

R989 – Unique Streatham Hill Home

R977-Modern Family House in Caversham

C748 – Converted Factory Studio in Hackney

C746 – Unique Tunnel

C744 – Vacant Retail Unit

C741 – Regency Style Hotel

C733 – Surgery Studio Space

C717- 50s Style Bowling Alley

R905 – Water Tower Home

R871 – Colourful Home

C688 – Nuclear Bunker Themed Venue

C551 – West End Car Park And Basement

C160 – Industrial Multi-Site With Lighthouse