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R264 – Vacant Manor House

R1010 – Modern Weybridge Mansion

R1018 – Millhill chapel



C772 Grand Manor House & Hotel

C771 – Manor House & Hotel


R1015 – Contemporary Mansion House

R1001 – Stunning Manor House With Pool

R995 – Georgian Surrey Mansion

CC8 – 4 storey Victorian villa with an adjacent self contained Cottage

R977-Modern Family House in Caversham

C635 – Period Multi Site

R800 – American Style Mansion

R772 – Country Estate & Air Hangars

R729 – Grade II Listed Country Home

C579 – Victorian Manor House

R725 – Ascot Mansion

R720 – Country Mansion Home

R715 – 8 Bedroom Georgian House

R647 – Georgian Style Country House

R637 – South London Rustic Manor House

R584 – Zone 3 Mansion House

R580 – Essex Mansion House with views

R561 – Period Countryside Mansion

R470 – Grand Designs Style Surrey Mansion

R475 – Stunning Manor House with Gardens

R539 – Georgian House in Reading

R543 – French Riviera Style Mansion

C120 – Farmhouse With Large Stables

C292 – Period Historic Building

C437 – Central London Monastery

E153 – Grade II Listed Town House

E80 -18th-century Mansion

R141 – Grade II Listed Georgian Manor House

R253 – Large Vacant Georgian Building

R261 – Palladian Country Estate

R336 – Large Family Home

R350 – Large Gated Property

R268 – Large American Style Family Home

R520 – Mansion With a Variety of Filming &; Event Spaces

R524 – Large House in Kew Suitable for Filming

R116 – 350 Acre 1740’s Grand Stately Home