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C721 – Modern Primary & Secondary School

C734 – School in South West London

C727 – Sports School London

C716 – 1980s Primary School

C635 – Period Multi Site

C554 – Film Friendly School

C517 – Secondary School In Acton

C516 – Victorian Primary School Croydon

C514 – Modern Secondary School Wembley

C506 – University In Central London

C504 – North London Sixth Form College

O132 – Business Park in Kent

C480 – Double height warehouse and multi-site

C168 – Large Secondary School

C335 – Private School

C389 – Community College

C383 – Community College

C380 – Modern University

C378 – College Which Spans Over Two Buildings

C368 – West London University Campus & Hospital

C407 – Red Brick Secondary School

C445 – Modern College Film Hire

C444 – College Building

C443 – Multi Purpose Site

C435 – Primary School

C63a – School Grounds, Sports Facilities & Exteriors

C457 – University Campus With Multiple Filming Sites

O103 – Dressed Offices