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R898 – Stylish Streatham House

R897 – Whetstone Modernised

R895 – North London Country Chic

R894 – Period Retro House

R891 – North London Contemporary

R893 – Surrey Architectural Redevelopment

R892 – South West Contemporary

R666 – Neoclassical home

R889 – Sheldon House

C701 – West End Hotel

R884 – Spectacular Chiswick House

R888 – George Lane

R887 – Streatham Edwardian

R886 – Dulwich Modern Design

R885 – Lime & Pink Streatham

R862 – Mansion in Sidcup

R853 – Dutch Barge

R851 – Edwardian Home in North London

R850 – 2 Bedroom Apartment in Hadley Wood

R847 – Luxurious Home in West Dulwich

R846 – Renovated 1930’s Style Home

R845 – Contemporary Loft Conversion

R844 – Vacant and Dated Property

R842 – Luxurious Apartment with River Views

R838 – Detached Cottage

R836 – Detached Property in South West London

R834 – One Bedroom Apartment in Islington

R833 – 5 Bedroom Detached Home

R831 – Ex-Council Flat in Hackney

R830 – 1930’s Detached Property

R829 – Spacious Property Located in Kingston

R825 – Mansion on Surrey Estate

R827 – Mediterranean Style flat

R828 – 2 Bedroom Apartment

R826 – Makers House Hackney

C639 – Hilton Hotel Canary Wharf

C637 – Soho Multi Site

R824 – Chapel Loft Conversion

C635 – Period Multi Site

R821 – 2 Bedroom Detached House

R820 – Newly Restored Victorian Property

R819 – Georgian Property Located in Hertfordshire

R818 – Artistic Studio Space

C629 – Build Space and Workshops near Pinewood

R817 – Converted Farmhouse and Stables

R816 – Large Modern Home

R815 – 1930’s 4 Bedroom House

R814 – Country House in Hampshire

R782 – Farnham Cottage

R808 – 3 Bed Victorian Terrace House

R805 – Loft Apartment in Shoreditch

R804 – 1930’s Terraced House

R803 – Parisian Style Regency Villa

R802 – Renovated Hackney Family Home

R801 – Victorian Terraced House in North London

R800 – American Style Mansion

R799 – 1930’s Art Deco Loft

R798 – Elegant Town House in Kensington

R797 – Luxury Canary Wharf Penthouse

R796 – Spacious Streatham Home

R795 – Luxurious Modern Town House

R794 – Victorian Detached Family Home

R792 – Stylish Riverfront Home

R791 – Vacant Surrey Mansion

R788 – New York Style Penthouse

R787 – New Build Barn Conversion

R786 – Empty Late Victorian Home

R785 – Victorian Property with Architecturally Designed Living Area

R784 – Period Flat Conversion

R783 – 2 Bedroom Apartment in Old Street

R780 – Architecturally Designed Home

R781 – Hampshire Farmhouse

R776 – Notting Hill Bachelor Pad

R775 – Farmhouse and barns

C606 – Cathedral

R774 – Wandsworth Townhouse

R773 – Country Estate Cambridge

R772 – Country Estate & Air Hangars

R771 – Modernist Terraced House

R770 – Clapham Mews

R769 – Covent Garden Townhouse

R768 – Modernised 60’s House

R767 – Period North East Family Home

R766 – Hyde Park 5-bed

R765 – Mayfair Apartments

R764 – Light Victorian Home

R763 – Suburban Family Home

R762 – West London Victorian Home

R761 – Basement Studio

R760 – Thatched Cottage

R749 – Newly Refurbished Home

C589 – Modern Cocktail Bar

R754 – Modern Family Home

R758 – Urban Apartment

R757 – A Detached Family Home

R756 – Four Bedroom Home

R755 – A Luxury Apartment

R747 – Suburban Family Home

C587 – South East Victorian Home