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R1038 – Bright garden flat

R1024 – Double height studio apartment

R982 – Sleek and modern apartment

R915 – Contemporary SE19

R891 – North London Contemporary

R892 – South West Contemporary

R865 – Soho Property

R820 – Newly Restored Victorian Property

R776 – Notting Hill Bachelor Pad

R765 – Mayfair Apartments

R758 – Urban Apartment

R724 – Hoover Building Flat

R714 – Architectural Design Winning Home

R672 – Grand Designs Mews Flats

R671 – 4 Bedroom Renovated Home

R668 – 4 Bedroom Semi Detached Home

R656 – Stylish Apartment In Soho

R632 – Penthouse apartments with river views

R613 – Open Plan Semi Detached House

R603 – Large Period Home

R590 – Modern spacious home for Filming

R586 – New York Style Penthouse

R583 – Grand Designs Style Home

R568 – South East London Flat

R555 – Flat development by the Thames

R550 – South West London Terrace House

R544 – The Pink House

R538 – Modern East London Flat

R534 – Wooden Mezzanine Loft Flat

R533 – Modern White Flat

R140 – 1930’s Art Deco 1 Bedroom Apartment

R162 – Contemporary 5000 Sq. Ft. Family Home

R122 – Modern Penthouse Apartment

R357 – Apartment in Canary Wharf

R427 – White Open Plan Modern Apartment

R510 – Secret Garden & Apartment for Filming

R518 – Modern Clapham Apartment

R84 – Penthouse with River Views and Terrace

R90 – Japanese Inspired Minimalist Apartment