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C702 – Event and Build Space

C701 – West End Hotel

C700 – Industrial Fitness Suite

C666 – Vacant Multi Site East London

C661 – Warehouse and Office Space in Wembley

C659 – Warehouse in Wembley

C654 – Contemporary Workspace

C652 – Apartment-Style Private Members Club

C651 – Flexible TV Production Base

C639 – Hilton Hotel Canary Wharf

C637 – Soho Multi Site

R824 – Chapel Loft Conversion

C636 – Classic car event space

C629 – Build Space and Workshops near Pinewood

C627- Various Meeting Room Spaces in Farringdon

C616 – Greenford Studios

O174 – Modern Office Space

C612 – Office with City views

C611 – Greenwich studio and event facility

O173 – Modern Dressed Office Space

O172 – Modern Dressed City Office

C608 – Versatile Venue with Roof Terrace

C607 – Flexible Warehouse and Yard space

O171 – Serviced and Vacant Offices Located in West London

O169 – Contemporary East London Office

O168 – Multi-Purpose Office Site

O166 – Vacant Office and Multi-Purpose Site

R775 – Farmhouse and barns

C604 – Photographic Studios

C600 – Dockyard Industrial

C596 – Tottenham Multi-Site

O165 – Victorian Warehouse Office

C595 – West London Warehouse

O164 – Slough Production Offices

R761 – Basement Studio

C591 – 80’s Launderette

C588 – Event Space In London

C587 – South East Victorian Home

C585 – Gallery And Showroom Space

C586 – Victorian House

C583 – Oriental Bar In Central London

C582 – Racecourse with multiple facilities

O162 – West End Production Offices

R737 – 4000sq ft Church Bell Tower

C580 – Dynamic Film & Event Space

O161 – Soho Offices and Event Space

O160 – Light & Modern Serviced Offices

O159 – Rooftop and Office

O158 – Clerkenwell Rooftop Event Space

O157 – Wood paneled dressed offices

O156 – West End Furnished Offices

O155 – Period Offices in City of London

O154 – Contemporary Dressed Office

R727 – City View Family Home

O153 – Uxbridge Dressed Office

O152 – Headquarter Offices

C578 – Film Friendly Hotel in Milton Keynes

O151 – Contemporary Clerkenwell Offices

C575 – Hackney Photography Studios

C572 – Spa and Salon

O150 – Dressed Offices Near Pinewood

R720 – Country Mansion Home

C569 – Alternative Warehouse Studio

C561 – 3,000 Sq Ft Warehouse

R714 – Architectural Design Winning Home

C560 – Shoreditch Style Loft

O149 – Dressed Camden Office

R708 – Stunning Family Home

C554 – Film Friendly School

C553 – Large Sports Facility and Unit Base

O147 – Vacant Office Space

O146 – Art Deco Head Office

O145 – Vacant Office

C550 – Shopping Centre With Rooptop Views

C551 – West End Car Park And Basement

C548 – Studio In North London

C547 – Grade II Listed Townhouse

C545 – Private Members Club

C544 – Film Friendly Primary School

P62 – Church In Westminster

O142 – Meeting Rooms and Lounge areas in the Shard

R687 – 6 Bedroom Palladian Style Home

O144 – Vacant Office Space

O141 – Newly Refurbished Office

C539 – Alternative Studio Space

R674 – 4 Bedroom Semi Detached House

R671 – 4 Bedroom Renovated Home

O140 – First Floor Vacant Office

C537 – New Record Shop In Kentish Town

C536 – 520 sq ft Railway Arch Event Space

R664 – Warehouse Apartment In Shoreditch

C703 – Elegant Victorian School

C534 – Central Shoreditch Studio

C531 – Double height studios

R656 – Stylish Apartment In Soho

C530 – New Collaborative And Creative Space

C529 – Chic Boutique Gym

C527 – Refurbished Bar and Restaurant

C526 – Indoor Parkour Academy