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Industrial Rooftop Council Estate In North London

R1096 – Detached Period Cottage

C889 – Wembley warehouse



R1078 – Grand Country House





C838 Multi-site filming & event space



C815 – Large Derelict Council Estate

Georgian Family Home

C803 – Urban Mechanics Site

C800 – Docklands Multi Site

C799 – Enfield Multi Purpose Warehouse

R1030 – 7 bedroom house in Stanmore

C779 – Luton Shopping Centre

C786 – Hemel Shopping Centre

C785 – Wood Green Shopping Centre

R1010 – Modern Weybridge Mansion


C770 – Wembley Car Park

C769 – Brockley Supermarket

C756 – Enfield Petrol Station And Convenience Store

R993 – Large Modern Family Country House

R990 – Stylish and Modern New Build

R975 – American Style 60’s Bungalow

C715 – Converted Warehouse Studio

R894 – Period Retro House

C666 – Vacant Multi Site East London

C662 – Surrey Based Football Club

C636 – Classic car event space

C611 – Greenwich studio and event facility

R781 – Hampshire Farmhouse

R775 – Farmhouse and barns

C592 – South London Football Stadium

R757 – A Detached Family Home

R736 – Refurbished Surrey Cottage

O152 – Headquarter Offices

C578 – Film Friendly Hotel in Milton Keynes

C569 – Alternative Warehouse Studio

C554 – Film Friendly School

C553 – Large Sports Facility and Unit Base

R705 – Grade II listed Period House

O146 – Art Deco Head Office

C550 – Shopping Centre With Rooptop Views

C551 – West End Car Park And Basement

C548 – Studio In North London

R695 – Detached Victorian Home

C544 – Film Friendly Primary School

R686 – Four Bedroom Terraced House

R679 – Family Home Near Pinewood

R676 – Large Family Home

R668 – 4 Bedroom Semi Detached Home

R667 – Three Bedroom Victorian Terrace

C536 – 520 sq ft Railway Arch Event Space

R664 – Warehouse Apartment In Shoreditch

R689 – Farm House In North London

R659 – Victorian Family Home

R658 – 5 Bedroom Terraced House

R657 – Modern Family Home

R654 – 7 Bedroom Detached Home

R652 – 4 Bedroom Edwardian Home

R651 – Young Family Flat In The South East

R650 – 4 Bedroom Family Home In South East London

R648 – 5 Bedroom Modern House

R646 – Edwardian Semi – Detached Home

R645 – Detached Modern Home

C519 – Film Friendly Studio Space

R640 – Open Plan Modern Home in De Beauvoir

R639 – Semi Detached Victorian Home

C518 – North London Studio

P60 – A Beautiful Decorated Church

R635 – Modern Family Home

C638 – Historic Control Tower

R630 – A Private Farm In Sussex

R627 – Large Family Home In The South East

R626 – 4 Bedroom Family Home

C508 – Cafe/ Bar In The North East

R624 – 2 Bedroom Modern Home

C507 – Multipurpose Restaurant / Cafe

R623 – 5 Bedroom Terrace Home

R620 – 6 Bedroom Modern Home

R621 – Newly Renovated Family Home

R619 – Open Space Family Home

C502 – 5000 sq ft London Studio

P59 – Refurbished 19th Century Church

R613 – Open Plan Semi Detached House

C499 – 18th Century College Campus

R603 – Large Period Home