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C891 – Office space and leisure facilities


C838 Multi-site filming & event space




C779 – Luton Shopping Centre

C786 – Hemel Shopping Centre

C785 – Wood Green Shopping Centre

C754 – Vibrant Coffee Shop In Victorian Stables

C720 – Retro Bowling Alley

C718- 50’s Bowling Alley

C719 – 1950’s Bowling Alley & Restaurant

C605 – Boxing Gym

C601 – Modern Health Supermarket

C603 – Sports and Leisure Centre

C592 – South London Football Stadium

C590 – Boutique Gym

C581 – Studio in Hackney Wick

O160 – Light & Modern Serviced Offices

O159 – Rooftop and Office

C578 – Film Friendly Hotel in Milton Keynes

C576 – Premium Gym and Mini-Studio

C565 – Fitzrovia Sports Pub

C564 – Vauxhall Pub

C562 – Sports Bar

C553 – Large Sports Facility and Unit Base

C552 – Pie And Mash Shop in Peckham

C550 – Shopping Centre With Rooptop Views

C546 – Coffee Shop In Shoreditch

C523 – Cafe In London

C514 – Modern Secondary School Wembley

O136 – Dressed Office Space Vauxhall

C506 – University In Central London

C508 – Cafe/ Bar In The North East

C507 – Multipurpose Restaurant / Cafe

C504 – North London Sixth Form College

C495 – Art Gallery In Central London

C493 – Traditional English Pub

C471 – Contemporary London Pub

C461 – Arts Building with Period Features

C460 – Soho Piano Bar

C170 – Large Cafe

C183 – Modern Hotel

C344 – Impressive Venue in Bloomsbury

C343 – Unique Venue

C326 – WW2 Battle Cruiser

C414 – Cafe & Function Room

C431 – Retro Restaurant

C52 – Former Building Merchants

C457 – University Campus With Multiple Filming Sites

C451 – University Building West London for Film Hire

E60 – Former textile factory