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C742 – Botanical Bar in Canary Wharf

C739 – Plant Filled Garden Terrace

C738 – Beautiful Bar with Outside Terrace

C724 – Bar with Event Space

C735 – Empty Pub & Restaurant in Hammersmith

C717- 50s Style Bowling Alley

C720 – Retro Bowling Alley

C710 – Park Lane Hotel

C701 – West End Hotel

C718- 50’s Bowling Alley

C719 – 1950’s Bowling Alley & Restaurant

C650 – Private Members Club in Central Townhouse

C649 – Champagne Bar and Hotel Suite

C639 – Hilton Hotel Canary Wharf

C602 – Unique Old Bank Conversion

C603 – Sports and Leisure Centre

C592 – South London Football Stadium

C589 – Modern Cocktail Bar

C583 – Oriental Bar In Central London

C582 – Racecourse with multiple facilities

O158 – Clerkenwell Rooftop Event Space

C578 – Film Friendly Hotel in Milton Keynes

C567 – Chelsea Restaurant

C565 – Fitzrovia Sports Pub

C566 – American Deco Restaurant

C564 – Vauxhall Pub

C563 – Battersea Pub

C562 – Sports Bar

C543 – 1920’s Inspired Bar

C542 – Traditional Pub

C540 – Beautiful Floral Bar In London

C533 – Trendy Bar and Restaurant

C532 – Modern Restaurant In Central London

C527 – Refurbished Bar and Restaurant

C524 – Iconic Independent Music Venue

C508 – Cafe/ Bar In The North East

C497 – Events Space in Central London

C493 – Traditional English Pub

C491 Cuban inspired Bar

C490 Funky Bijou Bar in Shoreditch

C484 – Postal Sorting Office

C472 – Entertainment Venue

C471 – Contemporary London Pub

C466 – Soho Bar Venue

C460 – Soho Piano Bar

C116 – Former Pub Studio

C106 – Dark & Stylish Private Members Club

C101 – Semi-professional Football Stadium & Facilities

C156 – Traditional 1940’s British Pub

C153 – Restaurant, Cocktail Bar & Club

C138 – 1950’s Ballroom

C192 – One Venue Six Spaces for Filming & Events

C181 – Beautiful Hotel

C343 – Unique Venue

C329 – Football Stadium & Club Rooms

C363 – Location Boutique Hotel

C414 – Cafe & Function Room

C434 – Traditional English Pub

C433 – Bowling Skating Arcade

C431 – Retro Restaurant

C429 – Film Studio London

C457 – University Campus With Multiple Filming Sites

C450 – Restaurant Hire for Events & Filming

C449 – Restaurant Hire for Events & Filming

C448 – Modern Restaurant for Events & Filming

E108 – Nightclub in London

E106 – Cafe & Basement Area

C98 – Large Pub/Bar

C97 – Night Club With Bar & Vip Area

C91 – Large Club

C82 – Period Pub

E127 – Brasserie, Cocktail Bar & Members Club

E115 – Several Adaptable Spaces for Hosting Events

E86 – 1920s Trendy Cocktail Bar

E69 – Restaurant & Bar

E60 – Only Available for Photoshoots

E59 – Gastro Pub & Dining Area

E54 – Large Nightclub

E52 – Ballroom & Grand Bar

E51 – Banqueting Hall

E96 – Uniquely Stylish Music Venue

E95 – Traditional Cocktail Bar

E91 – Brazilian Shack Bar

E90 – Retro Nightclub

E89 – British Bar and Restaurant

E88 – Italian Themed Restaurant and Bar

E87 – 1980s Themed Nightclub

C299 – Working Mens’ Club

C291 – Trendy Restaurant