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C736 – Vibrant Hotel with Rooftop Terraces

C728 – Woking Studios

R904 – Mill Hill Family Home

C689 – Private Members Club

R865 – Soho Property

R854 – Period Property in Essex

C666 – Vacant Multi Site East London

R837 – 5 Bedroom Property in Victoria

C649 – Champagne Bar and Hotel Suite

R803 – Parisian Style Regency Villa

R772 – Country Estate & Air Hangars

R721 – Aristocrat Grand Flat

R717 – 60’s / 70’s Film Friendly Home

C542 – Traditional Pub

R680 – Tudor Detached House

R653 – Four Story Victorian Home in North London

R634 – Converted Warehouse Property

R631 – Large Industrial loft

R621 – Newly Renovated Family Home

R603 – Large Period Home

R599 – East End Victorian House

R590 – Modern spacious home for Filming

E141 – Edwardian Building