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R914 – Converted Period House in Balham

R911 – Modern House in Ealing

C731 – Versatile Mayfair Studio

C722 – Soho Office

R881-Detached Home

R879 – Large Vacant Property

R878 – Stylish Home with Conservatory

R872 – Stylish Property in Shepherd’s Bush

O177 – Modern Office in Spitalfields

O176- Modern Office in Covent Garden

C673 -Events Space in East London

R850 – 2 Bedroom Apartment in Hadley Wood

R849 – 2 Bedroom Flat in Croydon

C667- Industrial Studio Space

C652 – Apartment-Style Private Members Club

R829 – Spacious Property Located in Kingston

R820 – Newly Restored Victorian Property

R819 – Georgian Property Located in Hertfordshire

R812 – Renovated Former Council Flat

R807 – 2 Bedroom Flat with Garden

R798 – Elegant Town House in Kensington

C610 – Studio Space in Camden

R790 – Chic Penthouse in East London

R788 – New York Style Penthouse

R786 – Empty Late Victorian Home

R783 – 2 Bedroom Apartment in Old Street

O171 – Serviced and Vacant Offices Located in West London

C584 – Blank Canvas And Exhibition Space

R744 – East End Modern Home

R719 – Ultra Modern Victorian Home

R650 – 4 Bedroom Family Home In South East London

R648 – 5 Bedroom Modern House

R640 – Open Plan Modern Home

R639 – Semi Detached Victorian Home

R633 – Open Plan Family Home

R631 – Large Industrial loft

C509 – Event Space In London

R622 – 19th Century Victorian Terraced House

R619 – Open Space Family Home

C502 – 5000 sq ft London Studio

R615 – 1890’s Period home

R616 – Modern 4 Bedroom Family Home

R613 – Open Plan Semi Detached House

C500 – Unique Space For Shooting

R612 – West End Penthouse

C498 – Victorian Shop Front Store

C496 – Pop Up Shop In West Londom

R577 – Unfurnished Battersea Flat

R359 – Modern 4 Bedroom House

R429 – Large Open Plan Warehouse Style Apartment

R520 – Mansion With a Variety of Filming &; Event Spaces