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R1095 – Gothic Victorian Mansion



C801 – Stylish Event Venue in Canary Wharf

C763 – Holborn Eclectic Bar and Karaoke Space

O186 – Warehouse Style Office

C757 – Former Industrial Laundrette

CC9 – 13,000 Sq Ft courtyard, offices, studio and penthouse

C731 – Versatile Mayfair Studio

R871 – Colourful Home

R867 – Terrace Home in Walthamstow

R860 – Architecturally Designed Property

R859 – Unique Property in Kent

R856 – Detached Victorian House

C676 – Unique Studios in North West London

R843 – Victorian Property in South London

C656 – Industrial Style Studio

C634 – Events Venue Located in Hertfordshire

R818 – Artistic Studio Space

C615 – Trendy Cocktail Bar with Themed Rooms