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R990 – Stylish and Modern New Build

R986 – Large 1920’s House with Annexe

R921 – California Style in Surrey

R919 – Greengate Estate Epsom

R916 – Modernised Sevenoaks

R893 – Surrey Architectural Redevelopment

R862 – Mansion in Sidcup

R840 – Family Home in Streatham

R791 – Vacant Surrey Mansion

R781 – Hampshire Farmhouse

R773 – Country Estate Cambridge

C603 – Sports and Leisure Centre

R760 – Thatched Cottage

R725 – Ascot Mansion

R720 – Country Mansion Home

C556 – London Olympic Pool

C535 – Luxury Country House Hotel in Surrey

R642 – Stunning Surrey Mansion

R638 – Large Vacant Hampstead Home

R590 – Modern spacious home for Filming

R567 – Large Refurbished Detached Home

R561 – Period Countryside Mansion

R535 – Large West London Family Home

R485 – Family Manor House

R543 – French Riviera Style Mansion

R496 – Georgian Surrey Mansion

R528 – Wentworth Estate Mansion House

R418 – Architecturally stunning residential home

C183 – Modern Hotel

C182 – Variety of Beautiful Locations

C386 – Sports Club

C445 – Modern College Film Hire

C63 – School Grounds, Sports Facilities & Exteriors

R350 – Large Gated Property

R362 – Large Detached Family Home

R367 – Contemporary Architecture

R277 – Contemporary Country House

R505 – Modern Surrey Home for Film Hire