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R912 – Large Detached House in Streatham

O181 – Members Club Style Offices in Holborn

C726 – Scandinavian Style Office

R879 – Large Vacant Property

R876 – Modern Property in Kensal Green

R870 – Privately Owned Woodland in Farnham

C684 – Industrial Studio in South London

R863 – Countryside Villa

R862 – Mansion in Sidcup

R861 – Modern Apartment Complex in Greenford

R859 – Unique Property in Kent

C676 – Unique Studios in North West London

R852 – Unique Property with Three Kitchens

C674 – Pole Studio in Camden

C673 -Events Space in East London

C670 – Community Centre in East Finchley

R840 – Family Home in Streatham

R837 – 5 Bedroom Property in Victoria

C657 – Open Plan Warehouse with Office Space

R835 – One Bedroom Apartment

R829 – Spacious Property Located in Kingston

C644 – Photography Studio with Breakout Space

R819 – Georgian Property Located in Hertfordshire

C626 – Studio Space Located in Spitalfields

C624 – Multi Site in Holborn

C623 – Versatile Events Space

C621 – Industrial Location for Film and Photography Shoots

C619 – Studio Space Located in South East London

R795 – Luxurious Modern Town House

R786 – Empty Late Victorian Home

C608 – Versatile Venue with Roof Terrace

O168 – Multi-Purpose Office Site

R594 – A Modern Home in East Molesey

E120 – Railway Arches Event Space

E144 – Iconic Backdrop

R251 – Family Home

R289 – Modern Spacious House

R426 – Victorian Ground Floor Flat

R428 – Penthouse Loft

R435 – Contemporary Family Home

R386 – Spacious Family Home

R393 – Spacious Property

R413 – Contemporary Detached Spacious Family Home