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R999 – 5 Bed Victorian Family Home

R785 – Victorian Property with Architecturally Designed Living Area

R763 – Suburban Family Home

R726 – Semi-Detached Classic

R713 – Scandinavian Design Home

R691 – Semi Detached Home

R685 – Semi-Detached Cottage

R683 – Edwardian 4 bedroom house

R682 – North London Townhouse

R669 – Charming Semi-Detached Cottage

R646 – Edwardian Semi – Detached Home

R613 – Open Plan Semi Detached House

R589 – 6 Bedroom Semi Detached Property Blackheath

R181 – Beautiful Semi-detached Family Home

R255 – Semi-detached Family Home

R323 – Charming Semi-detached Family Home

R244 – Semi Detached Family Home

R407 – 3,000 Sq. Ft. Semi Detached Property