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CCH1 – Factory style Hotel in East London

O181 – Members Club Style Offices in Holborn

O180 – Modern Offices in Old Street

C735 – Empty Pub & Restaurant in Hammersmith

C708 – College Multi-Site

C696 – 3 Studio Spaces in Wapping

O176- Modern Office in Covent Garden

R861 – Modern Apartment Complex in Greenford

C665 – Hotel in Mayfair

C664 – Hotel in Canary Wharf

C663 – West End Hotel

C639 – Hilton Hotel Canary Wharf

C628 – Various Event and Meeting Room Spaces

C612 – Office with City views

O169 – Contemporary East London Office

O168 – Multi-Purpose Office Site

C590 – Boutique Gym

C582 – Racecourse with multiple facilities

O156 – West End Furnished Offices

C578 – Film Friendly Hotel in Milton Keynes

O151 – Contemporary Clerkenwell Offices

C576 – Premium Gym and Mini-Studio

O144 – Vacant Office Space

O139 – Vacant Office Space In London

R632 – Penthouse apartments with river views

O135 – Dressed Office Space in Kings Cross

C506 – University In Central London

O132 – Business Park in Kent

O131 – Chancery Lane Dressed Offices

O130 – Dressed City Office

O129 – Serviced Offices in Aldgate

O128 – Dressed Central London Office space with views

C477 – Dressed Office & Event Space

O126 – Shoreditch Dressed Offices

C180 – Luxurious Space

C386 – Sports Club

C379 – West London University

C368 – West London University Campus & Hospital

C358 – Modern Recording Studio

C405 – Cutting Edge Building

E130 – Conference

E146 – Riverside Building

E145 – 2-floor Venue

E141 – Edwardian Building

E82 – Magnificent 16th Century Hall Built

O97 – Multi-purpose Building

O107 – Business Park London

O112 – Mezzanine Office Space

O119 – Vacant & Dressed Office Spaces

O95 – Business Park in North London