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R1014 – Telford Avenue

R972 – Wandsworth Open Plan

R918 – Greenham N10

R912 – Large Detached House in Streatham

O181 – Members Club Style Offices in Holborn

C735 – Empty Pub & Restaurant in Hammersmith

R891 – North London Contemporary

R886 – Dulwich Modern Design

C695 – Speakeasy

R841- Spacious Property in North London

R796 – Spacious Streatham Home

R742 – Period Suburban Family Home

R706 – 4 Bedroom Detached Family House

R657 – Modern Family Home

C460 – Soho Piano Bar

C91 – Large Club

C80 – Unique & Interesting Multi Purpose Site

R139 – Bungalow & Garden

R196 – Unique Converted Church

R261 – Palladian Country Estate

R132 – Detached Modern Family Home

R336 – Large Family Home

R368 – Large Detached Home

R453 – Charming Family Home

R230 – Semi-detached Period Property