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R912 – Large Detached House in Streatham

C735 – Empty Pub & Restaurant in Hammersmith

R905 – Water Tower Home

C713 – White Clapton Studio

R881-Detached Home

R879 – Large Vacant Property

R875 – Large Period Property

R870 – Privately Owned Woodland in Farnham

C687 – Castle in Kent

C684 – Industrial Studio in South London

R858 – Detached Property in Surrey

R856 – Detached Victorian House

R852 – Unique Property with Three Kitchens

C672 – Film Studio in East London

C669 – Boutique Photography Studio

R850 – 2 Bedroom Apartment in Hadley Wood

R845 – Contemporary Loft Conversion

R843 – Victorian Property in South London

C667- Industrial Studio Space

C661 – Warehouse and Office Space in Wembley

R840 – Family Home in Streatham

C659 – Warehouse in Wembley

R821 – 2 Bedroom Detached House

C633 – Georgian Mansion in Surrey

R819 – Georgian Property Located in Hertfordshire

R817 – Converted Farmhouse and Stables

R815 – 1930’s 4 Bedroom House

R814 – Country House in Hampshire

C611 – Greenwich studio and event facility

R767 – Period North East Family Home

R746 – Observatory Home

R736 – Refurbished Surrey Cottage

R676 – Large Family Home

R613 – Open Plan Semi Detached House

R589 – 6 Bedroom Semi Detached Property Blackheath

C487 – North London Boxing Gym

R577 – Unfurnished Battersea Flat

R545 – Loft Penthouse Apartment

C403 – Stand Alone Studio

C91 – Large Club

E54 – Large Nightclub

I102 – Location 4 Studio Spaces

R177 – Modern Family Home

R253 – Large Vacant Georgian Building

R316 – Terraced Property