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C815 – Large Derelict Council Estate





O195 – Holborn Serviced Office

O194 – Waterloo Serviced Office & Event Space

O178 – Modern Office in St Pancras

O177 – Modern Office in Spitalfields

O176- Modern Office in Covent Garden

C667- Industrial Studio Space

C661 – Warehouse and Office Space in Wembley

C657 – Open Plan Warehouse with Office Space

C639 – Hilton Hotel Canary Wharf

C627- Various Meeting Room Spaces in Farringdon

C624 – Multi Site in Holborn

R802 – Renovated Hackney Family Home

O174 – Modern Office Space

O173 – Modern Dressed Office Space

O172 – Modern Dressed City Office

O171 – Serviced and Vacant Offices Located in West London

O169 – Contemporary East London Office

O168 – Multi-Purpose Office Site

O166 – Vacant Office and Multi-Purpose Site

O165 – Victorian Warehouse Office

C595 – West London Warehouse

O164 – Slough Production Offices

O161 – Soho Offices and Event Space

O160 – Light & Modern Serviced Offices

O159 – Rooftop and Office

O158 – Clerkenwell Rooftop Event Space

O157 – Wood paneled dressed offices

O155 – Period Offices in City of London

O154 – Contemporary Dressed Office

O153 – Uxbridge Dressed Office

O151 – Contemporary Clerkenwell Offices

O150 – Dressed Offices Near Pinewood

C559 – The Embassy Studio

O142 – Meeting Rooms and Lounge areas in the Shard

O141 – Newly Refurbished Office

O140 – First Floor Vacant Office

O137 – Renovated Office Space

C514 – Modern Secondary School Wembley

R630 – A Private Farm In Sussex

O136 – Dressed Office Space Vauxhall

O134 – West London Modern Dressed Office

O135 – Dressed Office Space in Kings Cross

C506 – University In Central London

C509 – Event Space In London

C494 – Production offices and studios

R579 – Retro 1960’s/70’s chalet-bungalow

O132 – Business Park in Kent

O131 – Chancery Lane Dressed Offices

O130 – Dressed City Office

O129 – Serviced Offices in Aldgate

O128 – Dressed Central London Office space with views

C477 – Dressed Office & Event Space

O126 – Shoreditch Dressed Offices

O125 – West London Co Working

O124 – Dressed Office Space

O122 – Co-working Office Space

O109 – Dressed Office Building

C103 – Film & Television Studios

C384 – Medical University

C383 – Community College

C379 – West London University

C378 – College Which Spans Over Two Buildings

C368 – West London University Campus & Hospital

C445 – Modern College Film Hire

C443 – Multi Purpose Site

E126 – Flexible Space Available for a Variety of Events

E58 – Georgian Town House

O98 – Film Friendly, Modern, Purpose Built Office Block

O97 – Multi-purpose Building

R525 – House Boat for Hire

O107 – Business Park London

O111 – Dressed Office Space

O118 – West End Office

O119 – Vacant & Dressed Office Spaces

O89 – Part Dressed Modern Office Floor

O95 – Business Park in North London