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Industrial Rooftop Council Estate In North London



R1023 – North London Family Home

R1021 – North London Bungalow

C764 – Large Islington Bar and Karaoke Space

R904 – Mill Hill Family Home

R897 – Whetstone Modernised Family Home

R891 – North London Contemporary

R902 – North London Cottage

R860 – Architecturally Designed Property

R851 – Edwardian Home in North London

R841- Spacious Property in North London

C623 – Versatile Events Space

C622- External Location with Studio Spaces

C621 – Industrial Location for Film and Photography Shoots

C613 – Creative Studio in North London

R738 – Modern Apartment In North London

R735 – Detached Modern Home

R668 – 4 Bedroom Semi Detached Home

R689 – Farm House In North London

R653 – Four Story Victorian Home in North London

R646 – Edwardian Semi – Detached Home

R639 – Semi Detached Victorian Home

C507 – Multipurpose Restaurant / Cafe

C501 – Pizzeria Restaurant And Bar

C487 – North London Boxing Gym

R500 – Residential Home for Filming North London