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CC1 – Open-plan Shepherd’s Bush contemporary home

R982 – Sleek and modern apartment

C732 – Multi-Purpose Site with Theatre

C723 – Multi-purpose Studio

C708 – College Multi-Site

C681 – Coworking Space in Shoreditch

C657 – Open Plan Warehouse with Office Space

R818 – Artistic Studio Space

R770 – Clapham Mews

C602 – Unique Old Bank Conversion

C531 – Double height studios

R624 – 2 Bedroom Modern Home

R534 – Wooden Mezzanine Loft Flat

C443 – Multi Purpose Site

R140 – 1930’s Art Deco 1 Bedroom Apartment

R267 – Trendy 3000 Sq. Ft. Warehouse Property

R425 – Open Plan Studio

R427 – White Open Plan Modern Apartment

R518 – Modern Clapham Apartment

O112 – Mezzanine Office Space