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C891 – Office space and leisure facilities

C761 – Glamorous Kensington Hotel

O185 – Holborn Office Space

O184 – Old Street Office Space

O183 – Hammersmith Office Space

O180 – Modern Offices in Old Street

C648 – Loft for Private hire in Central London

C647 – Private Members Space in Central London

C628 – Various Event and Meeting Room Spaces

O171 – Serviced and Vacant Offices Located in West London

O168 – Multi-Purpose Office Site

O166 – Vacant Office and Multi-Purpose Site

C595 – West London Warehouse

O161 – Soho Offices and Event Space

O158 – Clerkenwell Rooftop Event Space

O155 – Period Offices in City of London

O154 – Contemporary Dressed Office

O153 – Uxbridge Dressed Office

O152 – Headquarter Offices

C578 – Film Friendly Hotel in Milton Keynes

O151 – Contemporary Clerkenwell Offices

C545 – Private Members Club

P62 – Church In Westminster

O142 – Meeting Rooms and Lounge areas in the Shard

O141 – Newly Refurbished Office

O139 – Vacant Office Space In London

O137 – Renovated Office Space

O134 – West London Modern Dressed Office

C495 – Art Gallery In Central London

O129 – Serviced Offices in Aldgate

O126 – Shoreditch Dressed Offices

C181 – Beautiful Hotel

C444 – College Building

E146 – Riverside Building

E145 – 2-floor Venue

O95 – Business Park in North London