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C683 – Art Deco Ballroom

C681 – Coworking Space in Shoreditch

R852 – Unique Property with Three Kitchens

C660 – Converted Workman’s Cottage

C645 – Studio Space with Industrial Features

C625 – Versatile Events Space

R809 – Film Friendly Georgian Mansion

C623 – Versatile Events Space

O168 – Multi-Purpose Office Site

R767 – Period North East Family Home

R709 – Open Plan Family Home

C538 – Studio for Photography and Video

R646 – Edwardian Semi – Detached Home

R625 – Modern Bespoke Canal Boat

C509 – Event Space In London

R616 – Modern 4 Bedroom Family Home

R613 – Open Plan Semi Detached House

C496 – Pop Up Shop In West Londom

R470 – Grand Designs Style Surrey Mansion

R456 – Modern 3 bed apartment

R545 – Loft Penthouse Apartment

R544 – The Pink House

R533 – Modern White Flat

C133 – Converted Former Rail Station

C117 – 7,500 Sq. Ft. Studio With Its Own Private Road

C132 – Studio Location With 2 Studio Spaces

C120 – Farmhouse With Large Stables

C111 – State-of-the-art University

C140 – Commercial Warehouse and photography studio

C189 – White Loft Studio Space

C327 – Dressed Office & Boardroom

C383 – Community College

C379 – West London University

C378 – College Which Spans Over Two Buildings

C368 – West London University Campus & Hospital

C444 – College Building

C63 – School Grounds, Sports Facilities & Exteriors

C456 – Commercial Kitchen for Filming Hire

C80 – Unique & Interesting Multi Purpose Site

E140 – Blank Canvas Studio

E132 – Studio

E79 – Central London Town House

E76 – White Studio, Kitchen and Event Space

E56 – Penthouse Loft Studio

R139 – Bungalow & Garden

R153 – Modern Family Home

R141 – Grade II Listed Georgian Manor House

R157 – Victorian Terraced Property

R161 – Charming Semi-detached Edwardian Family Home

R164 – Beautiful Terraced Property in Balham

R180 – 400 Acre Stud Farm – Exterior only

R184 – Family Home

R189 – Modern Townhouse

R202 – Large Georgian House

R204 – Large Family Home

R214 – Detached Family Home

R217 – Suburban Detached Family Home

R218 – Detached Family Home

R251 – Family Home

R255 – Semi-detached Family Home

R100 – Contemporary Family Townhouse

R130 – Beautiful Detached Georgian Family Home

R286 – Charming Family Home

R323 – Charming Semi-detached Family Home

R328 – Semi Detached Victorian Property

R331 – Detached House Kent Available for External Filming

R333 – Modern Kitchen Living Area

R337 – Charming Spacious House

R355 – Modern Family Home With Garden

R364 – Victorian Family Home

R396 – Detached Family Home in Weybridge

R398 – Contemporary Detached Family Home in Balham

R423 – Bright Family Home

R424 – Large Family Home

R433 – Large 6 Bedroom Family Home

R453 – Charming Family Home

R482 – Edwardian Semi Detached

R489 – 6 Bedroom House

R490 – Recently Refurbished Home

R492 – Edwardian House

R102 – Newly Renovated Family Home

R385 – Modern Family Home

R393 – Spacious Property

R402 – Contemporary Home

R407 – 3,000 Sq. Ft. Semi Detached Property

R410 – Family Home

R412 – Victorian Family Home

R413 – Contemporary Detached Spacious Family Home

R414 – Decorated Family Home

R416 – 4 Double Bedroom Town House

R524 – Large House in Kew Suitable for Filming

R525 – House Boat for Hire

R58 – Large Detached Family Home

R63 – Contemporary Detached House

R84 – Penthouse with River Views and Terrace

R90 – Japanese Inspired Minimalist Apartment

R94 – Victorian 6 Bedroom Family House

R96 – Modern Bright Family Home

R480 – Hampstead Town House