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R1081 – Abbeville

R1077 – West House

R1060 – Ultra-modern Grand Design House

R1014 – Telford Avenue

R1012 – Aldersbrook

R1002 – 6 bedrooms Victorian Home

R996 – Spacious South London Family Home

R993 – Large Modern Family Country House

R988 – 1930’s semi-detached home

R985 – Spacious Family Home

R976 – Smart Victorian Family Home

R920 – Windlesham Farmhouse

R898 – Stylish Streatham House

R892 – South West Contemporary

R880 – Georgian Property

R876 – Modern Property in Kensal Green

R874 – Regency Townhouse

R867 – Terrace Home in Walthamstow

R864 – Detached Victorian Home in Guildford

R862 – Mansion in Sidcup

R859 – Unique Property in Kent

R858 – Detached Property in Surrey

R857 – Grade 1 Listed House in Bedfordshire

R856 – Detached Victorian House

R852 – Unique Property with Three Kitchens

R848 – Edwardian Home in Streatham

R847 – Luxurious Home in West Dulwich

R846 – Renovated 1930’s Style Home

R843 – Victorian Property in South London

R842 – Luxurious Apartment with River Views

R836 – Detached Property in South West London

R833 – 5 Bedroom Detached Home

R819 – Georgian Property Located in Hertfordshire

R817 – Converted Farmhouse and Stables

R816 – Large Modern Home

R814 – Country House in Hampshire

R813 – Renovated Cottage

R810 – Victorian Detached Home

R785 – Victorian Property with Architecturally Designed Living Area

R767 – Period North East Family Home

R762 – West London Victorian Home

R749 – Newly Refurbished Home

R727 – City View Family Home

R723 – Leicester House

R720 – Country Mansion Home

R719 – Ultra Modern Victorian Home

R708 – Stunning Family Home

R707 – 6 Bedroom Home

R702 – 5 Bedroom House

C548 – Studio In North London

R691 – Semi Detached Home

R686 – Four Bedroom Terraced House

R685 – Semi-Detached Cottage

R684 – Film Friendly Home Owner

R682 – North London Townhouse

R680 – Tudor Detached House

R672 – Grand Designs Mews Flats

R658 – 5 Bedroom Terraced House

R657 – Modern Family Home

R653 – Four Story Victorian Home in North London

R648 – 5 Bedroom Modern House

R640 – Open Plan Modern Home in De Beauvoir

R639 – Semi Detached Victorian Home

R633 – Open Plan Family Home

R630 – A Private Farm In Sussex

R620 – 6 Bedroom Modern Home

R621 – Newly Renovated Family Home

R619 – Open Space Family Home

R535 – Large West London Family Home

E56 – Penthouse Loft Studio

R365 – Charming Family Home

R510 – Secret Garden & Apartment for Filming