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R1095 – Gothic Victorian Mansion












C799 – Enfield Multi Purpose Warehouse

C789 – Sevenoaks Black Out Studio

C788 – Dalston Event Venue with Rooftop Bar

C768 – Hackney Warehouse

C767 – Riverside Event Space

C758- Former Military Warehouse

C705 – Sutton Build Space

O181 – Members Club Style Offices in Holborn

O180 – Modern Offices in Old Street

C728 – Woking Studios

C702 – Event and Build Space

C700 – Industrial Fitness Suite

C691 – Private Roads in Wembley

R865 – Soho Property

C686 – Car Park in Wembley

C676 – Unique Studios in North West London

C666 – Vacant Multi Site East London

C667- Industrial Studio Space

C661 – Warehouse and Office Space in Wembley

C658 – Multi Purpose Space

C656 – Industrial Style Studio

C655 – Hackney Studio Space

C645 – Studio Space with Industrial Features

C643 – Industrial Inspired Deli

C642 – Welcoming Cafe in Aldgate

C625 – Versatile Events Space

C621 – Industrial Location for Film and Photography Shoots

C619 – Studio Space Located in South East London

R805 – Loft Apartment in Shoreditch

C600 – Dockyard Industrial

C557 – The Gallery Studio

R631 – Large Industrial loft

O136 – Dressed Office Space Vauxhall

C502 – 5000 sq ft London Studio

I93 – 6,000 sq ft Warehouse in South London

R576 – East London Studio

C480 – Double height warehouse and multi-site

C467 – Industrial style studio

C117 – 7,500 Sq. Ft. Studio With Its Own Private Road

C160 – Industrial Multi-Site With Lighthouse

C140 – Warehouse and Photographic Studio

C306 – Victorian Hydraulic Power Station

C189 – White Loft Studio Space

C187 – North West London Studio Facility

C458 – Warehouse Units Side by Side

I53 – 6,000 Sq.Ft Warehouse

I108 – 1930’s Industrial Unit

E92 – Unique 6000 Sq. Ft. Venue