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C863 – Iconic Hotel on the River






C772 Grand Manor House & Hotel

C771 – Manor House & Hotel

CCH4 – Wellness Retreat Centre near London + farm, land and teepees

C762 – Kensington Boutique Hotel

C760 – Elegant Knightsbridge Hotel

CCH2 – Classic British Hotel

CCH1 – Factory style Hotel in East London

C741 – Regency Style Hotel

C701 – West End Hotel

C671 – Luxurious Hotel in Holborn

C665 – Hotel in Mayfair

C664 – Hotel in Canary Wharf

C663 – West End Hotel

C649 – Champagne Bar and Hotel Suite

C639 – Hilton Hotel Canary Wharf

C582 – Racecourse with multiple facilities

C578 – Film Friendly Hotel in Milton Keynes

C535 – Luxury Country House Hotel in Surrey

O134 – West London Modern Dressed Office

C121 – Art-deco Hotel

C183 – Modern Hotel

C181 – Beautiful Hotel

C180 – Luxurious Space

C441 – Period Hotel in London With Woodland

E97 – Contemporary High-rise Hotel

R261 – Palladian Country Estate

R433 – Large 6 Bedroom Family Home