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C891 – Office space and leisure facilities


R1076 – Mulberry Mansion










R1030 – 7 bedroom house in Stanmore


C772 Grand Manor House & Hotel


CCH1 – Factory style Hotel in East London

R994 – North London Mansion with Pool

R992 – Countryside Family Home

R990 – Stylish and Modern New Build

R915 – Contemporary SE19

C727 – Sports School London

C700 – Industrial Fitness Suite

C694 – Boxing Gym

R863 – Hertford Villa with pool, gym and garage

R861 – Modern Apartment Complex in Greenford

R847 – Luxurious Home in West Dulwich

C665 – Hotel in Mayfair

C664 – Hotel in Canary Wharf

C663 – West End Hotel

R817 – Converted Farmhouse and Stables

R816 – Large Modern Home

R803 – Parisian Style Regency Villa

R795 – Luxurious Modern Town House

C605 – Boxing Gym

C603 – Sports and Leisure Centre

C590 – Boutique Gym

R737 – 4000sq ft Church Bell Tower

C578 – Film Friendly Hotel in Milton Keynes

C576 – Premium Gym and Mini-Studio

R719 – Ultra Modern Victorian Home

R715 – 8 Bedroom Georgian House

C553 – Large Sports Facility and Unit Base

C535 – Luxury Country House Hotel in Surrey

C526 – Indoor Parkour Academy

C506 – University In Central London

C487 – North London Boxing Gym

C108 – Boxing Facility

C183 – Modern Hotel

C181 – Beautiful Hotel

C333 – Football Stadium

C386 – Sports Club

C384 – Medical University

C374 – Fitness

C360 – Independent Gym

C407 – Red Brick Secondary School

R323 – Charming Semi-detached Family Home

R277 – Contemporary Country House

R524 – Large House in Kew Suitable for Filming