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R1076 – Mulberry Mansion

R990 – Stylish and Modern New Build

R989 – Unique Streatham Hill Home

R976 – Smart Victorian Family Home

C746 – Unique Tunnel

R917 – Surrey Hills Modern House

C687 – Castle in Kent

R865 – Soho Property

R857 – Grade 1 Listed House in Bedfordshire

C658 – Multi Purpose Space

C626 – Studio Space Located in Spitalfields

R717 – 60’s / 70’s Film Friendly Home

C553 – Large Sports Facility and Unit Base

O146 – Art Deco Head Office

C551 – West End Car Park And Basement

C527 – Refurbished Bar and Restaurant

C523 – Cafe In London

R589 – 6 Bedroom Semi Detached Property Blackheath

C306 – Victorian Hydraulic Power Station

I108 – 1930’s Industrial Unit