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C867 – Beach & Winter Wonderland Bar




C820 – South West London Stadium



O194 – Waterloo Serviced Office & Event Space

C791 – Art Deco Restaurant

C788 – Dalston Event Venue with Rooftop Bar

C787 – Cool cocktail bar club

C732 – Multi-Purpose Site with Theatre

C696 – 3 Studio Spaces in Wapping

R880 – Georgian Property

C695 – Speakeasy

R863 – Hertford Villa with pool, gym and garage

C683 – Art Deco Ballroom

C665 – Hotel in Mayfair

C664 – Hotel in Canary Wharf

C663 – West End Hotel

C662 – Surrey Based Football Club

C649 – Champagne Bar and Hotel Suite

C637 – Soho Multi Site

C636 – Classic car event space

C625 – Versatile Events Space

O175 – Large Co-Working Space

C620 – Trendy Cocktail Bar

C615 – Trendy Cocktail Bar with Themed Rooms

R792 – Stylish Riverfront Home

C609 – Film Friendly Theatre

C605 – Boxing Gym

C602 – Unique Old Bank Conversion

C603 – Sports and Leisure Centre

C592 – South London Football Stadium

C589 – Modern Cocktail Bar

C583 – Oriental Bar In Central London

C582 – Racecourse with multiple facilities

O158 – Clerkenwell Rooftop Event Space

C564 – Vauxhall Pub

C563 – Battersea Pub

C562 – Sports Bar

C540 – Beautiful Floral Bar In London

C532 – Modern Restaurant In Central London

C527 – Refurbished Bar and Restaurant

C508 – Cafe/ Bar In The North East

C501 – Pizzeria Restaurant And Bar

C493 – Traditional English Pub

C488 – West London Period Football Stadium

C491 Cuban inspired Bar

C471 – Contemporary London Pub

C469 – Elegant Events and Conferencing

C116 – Former Pub Studio

C101 – Semi-professional Football Stadium & Facilities

C156 – Traditional 1940’s British Pub

C153 – Restaurant, Cocktail Bar & Club

C138 – 1950’s Ballroom

C192 – One Venue Six Spaces for Filming & Events

C181 – Beautiful Hotel

C180 – Luxurious Space

C343 – Unique Venue

C329 – Football Stadium & Club Rooms

C381 – Lower League Football Pitch

C370 – 5 Aside Football Pitch

C434 – Traditional English Pub

C433 – Bowling Skating Arcade

C458 – Warehouse Units Side by Side

C457 – University Campus With Multiple Filming Sites

C451 – University Building West London for Film Hire

C450 – Restaurant Hire for Events & Filming

C449 – Restaurant Hire for Events & Filming

C448 – Modern Restaurant for Events & Filming

E108 – Nightclub in London

C97 – Night Club With Bar & Vip Area

C91 – Large Club

E144 – Iconic Backdrop

E86 – 1920s Trendy Cocktail Bar

E52 – Grand Event Space

E97 – Contemporary High-rise Hotel

E95 – Traditional Cocktail Bar

E91 – Brazilian Shack Bar

E88 – Italian Themed Restaurant and Bar

R510 – Secret Garden & Apartment for Filming

O94 – Luxury Office and Members Club